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  • Notes:
    • (1) There is no drilling required - the only tool you need is a crosshead screwdriver.
    • (2) You will see that the various components have grooves in them and/or protruding flat pieces of wood; these protrusions are shaped like a sector of a circle and are called “biscuits”. During the assembly process, the biscuits will be inserted in the matching grooves of the adjoining component- these are the joints which secure the assembled casket.
    • (3) To prevent any movement while the glue is setting, screws must be inserted; the components are pre-drilled in the factory to accommodate the screws. The screws can either remain in the casket or removed after the glue has dried and the holes filled with wood putty if desired.
    • (4) Since the sides, lid, head and end pieces come to you in their factory-finished state, care must be exercised not to soil them; remember - they are not varnished. Wipe off any excess glue with a clean cloth as soon as possible. Any blemishes that do occur to finished surfaces may be cleaned up by gently sanding with fine water paper.

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  • Step 1:
    • Unwrap your flatpack and ensure that you have all the components as listed above.
  • Step 2:
    • Place the floor panel on a level surface; the floor panel now becomes the template.
  • Step 3:
    • Apply glue into the grooves at the bottom edge of the head piece. Place it against the floor panel and align the cantering hole with the cantering dowel in the floor panel; using your hand, tap lightly so that the grooves engage the biscuits and the two panels are flushly joined.
       935c.jpg (27161 bytes)
  • Step 4:
    • Screw in one screw from the outside in order to secure the head piece to the floor panel.
  • Step 5:
    • Repeat Step (3) with the foot piece. Repeat Step (4)
       1192c.jpg (29000 bytes)
  • Step 6:
    • Take one of the side panels and apply glue into all the grooves. Place it against the head piece, the foot piece and the floor panel; align the grooves with the biscuits, and tap in lightly with your hand until all four panels are flushly joined.
  • Step 7:
    • Since there are tolerances in the grooves and biscuits, make any small adjustments needed to ensure that the corners are perfectly formed. Screw in screws from the outside in the holes provided in order to secure the side panel to the head piece, the foot piece and floor panel.
       1193c.jpg (31926 bytes)
  • Step 8:
    • Take the other side panel and proceed as in Step (6). Repeat Step (7)
       1195c.jpg (32199 bytes)
  • Step 9:
    • Take the pieces of rope and insert them through the holes provided; knot them on the inside to form handles.
       956c.jpg (35718 bytes)  955c.jpg (38255bytes)
  • Step 10:
    • Place the lid over the dowels which protrude from the head and foot pieces. Your assembled casket will look like this:
     casket cut out high res 770.jpg (34188 bytes)

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